About Us

For the Love of Gourds

The art of gourd carving began thousands of years ago in some of the most remote villages of South America. Burils (carving tools) and burning sticks were the only tools they had available. My fascination with this art form over the last ten years has led me on an exciting adventure to uncover the amazing gourd artists and get a first hand look at how they create their artwork. Through my travels to South America I have been fortunate to find a talented young artist to work with me. He and his entire family have been kind enough to open their homes to me, share their ancient techniques of gourd art, and even make a video for the site to share with you. Some of the gourds on the site are my design and creation. Others are by the gourd artist and his wonderful family. This site is an opportunity for our work to be enjoyed by you and to provide support for our families. We pride ourselves on keeping the merchandise original and suggestions are always welcome. For the love of life, for the love of art, for the love of gourds!

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